The cost of a thermal label printer becomes much more reasonable when you realize that it can be used for more than just organizing your products. Your office could use a little organizing, too. Are your employees always searching through poorly-arranged files for one piece of paper that may not even be where they’re looking? Does the person in charge of your company’s mailing spend hours hand-addressing each envelope daily? If so, a label maker could be just what you need to get those wasted hours back.

No matter what model you choose, the software that comes with it should allow you to easily upload custom images that can be transformed into labels specifically suited to fit your business needs. The cabinets that files always seem to disappear into will become a lot less mysterious once each of its drawers and folders is appropriately labeled; you can even order colored labels to create a color-coded filing system that allows for easy visual identification of exactly where a piece of paperwork is meant to go.

Likewise, mailing becomes a lot simpler once you have a printer set up to create labels for every envelope or package your business sends. However, more than merely acquiring a label printer is required from an organizational standpoint. It’s also essential that those in your company who handle its mail have a designated space to work. This will not only help to keep those employees happy but also help to ensure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

The last thing you want to do – especially when there are so many aspects of your business to keep track of – is explained to an angry client or partner that a critical document they sent got lost in the shuffle. A dedicated and organized mailing department allows you to address the needs of this often-overlooked aspect of your business and potentially do so with a printer that you were already using to assist in organizing your inventory.