Though companies of any size can use inventory labels, the type of inventory label you choose may be determined by the volume of your operations. For example, a smaller company that still sorts its products by hand may be better served by using sequentially numbered labels that allow for easy visual identification of the location or category to which a product belongs. Poor organization can create an insurmountable drag on efficiency for owners just starting their company. They may need to be made aware of the importance of storing their stock to allow easy retrieval. The time your employees waste searching for one particular item could instead be spent on tending to customers or developing the next great innovation that’ll propel your company to the big leagues.

Uncomplicated, sequentially numbered labels allow businesses to cut down on that lost time and the frustration of fruitless searching, a small step that’ll lead to greater satisfaction for you, your employees, and your customers.

Barcode labels, on the other hand, are a must for any business owner whose products are part of a supply chain. That’s partly because it’s no longer just your concern whether an item gets to where it’s supposed to go – it’s also the concern of the distribution company and of the retailers that hope to put your product on their shelves. Without a barcode to scan, your products can disappear in the supply chain without any hint as to when they were lost – and you can bet your bottom dollar that neither the distributor nor the retailer will take responsibility for that loss. That translates to unhappy customers, the cost of lost products, and potential damage to the relationship between you and your partners. Avoid that hassle through the usage of standardized barcode labels to streamline and simplify every step of the delivery process.

Though you may hesitate at the cost of the necessary printer and scanners, the money you spend now will be more than made up for by what you save through the maintained accurate delivery of your product.