Along with packaging, your product’s medical cannabis label must comply with specific legal requirements. Some of the most common label regulations include the following:


Manufacturer Information

Many states mandate that medical cannabis labels list the brand name and cultivation center, identifying the producer. This information helps inform the general public about the manufacturer or product distributor.

Text and Font

Clear, legible English and specific font sizes are often requirements for medical cannabis labels. This helps the public identify the medication and other relevant details like proper dosage.

Active Ingredients

As is the case with many other pharmaceuticals on the market, states often require that medical cannabis labels list all existing active ingredients. To do this, manufacturers typically mention active-controlled ingredients in percentages.

Testing and Expiration

In some states, cannabis must be tested for solvents, pesticides, and additional biological contaminants and pollutants. When this is the case, the medical cannabis labels should also include the dates the tests were conducted and detailed results.

Patient and Physician Information

As with other prescriptions, medical cannabis labels must meet standard pharmaceutical label requirements. This includes general information like the names of the patient and the prescribing physician.


Some states have visibility requirements that mandate medical cannabis labels are unobstructed and highly noticeable on their packaging. Proper placement will help ensure they remain unobstructed and are conspicuous on the packaging.