The Connecticut chapter of the Institute of Packaging Professionals’ (IoPP) monthly meeting was hosted by Penmar Industries this January. Held on-site at Penmar’s offices, visiting chapter members were able to see first-hand how Penmar prepares and delivers specialized packaging solutions and materials, as well as labels and converted tapes. J. Rick Cipot, the Operations and General Manager, gave a tour highlighting the customized processes used to deliver what customers want. “If our customer can envision a label, we can create it. The substrate, adhesives and surface application can usually be achieved with our Company’s development team”, explained Mr. Cipot.

Throughout the tour Cipot explained how high-quality standards are monitored and maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Their state-of-the-art Omega SR-1300 Video Inspection Rewinder, custom-built in the UK for Penmar, ensure the last label in any run is the same quality as the first, whether one thousand or one million labels are in the job.

Their membership in the IOPP helps them to keep pace with the changing demands and new technology in the packaging industry. Along with other Connecticut based companies, they share new advances and improved techniques in packaging. This ensures that they have the same, or better knowledge of packaging options and advantages as their customers, and are able to deliver winning results.

About the Institute of Packaging Professionals

The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) is the authoritative packaging association serving the educational needs of the packaging community, where individuals can enhance their career experience through mutual interaction.

IoPP is committed to global leadership in packaging, which is achieved through the continuing education and growth of its members and other packaging professionals. The Institute operates with rigorous quality standards, reinforced by continuous improvement and growth in the organization, its activities and operations.